Birth Certificate & Passport Applications

**Birth Certificate & Passport Applications: BD3 Form *

The BD3 Form is completed by parents or parent ( mother if single parent) in order for Zimbabwean children born in the Republic of Türkiye and the Republic of TRNC to obtain a Zimbabwean birth Certificate and Passport. 

BD3 form costs USD30.00 paid at the Consulate.

When the forms have duly been completed, signed and processed, it is the applicant’s responsibility to send these to the Registrar General’s Office, Private Bag 7734, Causeway, Harare, for child registration and issuance of the Zimbabwean long Birth Certificate.

On submission a payment of USD ($50.00) will be required for processing of the birth certificate.


The following documents are required for Child Registration:

1. The child’s Turkish or Country of birth long Birth Certificate;

2. Both parents’ long Birth Certificates;

3. Both parents’  National Registration Cards (IDs) (Paper type, metal type or plastic-type);

4. Both parents’ passports;

5. Marriage Certificate (if applicable) and

6. A fee of US$10.00 which should be paid in cash.

Also, bring along photocopies of every original document which are listed above. (For the old-type Passports, photocopy pages 1 to 5 and/or the last page for the new-type Passports). 

Single parents can process applications by submitting:

i. The child's Turkish or country of birth long birth certificate

ii. The parent's long birth certificate.

iii. The parent’s National Identity Card (Paper type, metal type or plastic type).

iv. The parent's passport.